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for targeting conservative organizations? the question remains. who is responsible for targeting the conservative organizations? who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. and i'm willing to try to find that out. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. this one taken from the president yesterday sums up the week that was. the administration has a two-prong plan to weather the storms. address each of the current controversies head on. the president has appointed a new eacting head of the irs. and pievt from the scandals. the president will seek to shift the focus to his agenda, jobs, jobs and more jobs. live on capitol hill monitoring the irs hearing. >> steve miller facing tough
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questions. what stood out the most during the testimony. seems to be the biggest sin is of omission. >> going into this hearing we expected mr. miller to receive tough questioning from both republicans and democrats but the tough questioning from democrats subsided after the opening remarks from the republicans simulating joe crowley that he felt the republicans went too political off the top. how did they go too political? he thought they were trying to directly tie the scandal at the irs to the white house by evoking the national organization for marriage list. what was fascinating is how mr. miller said that there is no partisanship going on. what was going on was low level staffers trying to have a foolish way of managing their work load. which is certainly an odd answert that will get more scrutiny next week. take a look at the contention between the republicans and mr. miller in this clip with representative brady of texas. >> mr. ller, who in the irs is
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responsible for targeting conservative organizations? >> so let me first say i cannot speak to a given case. >> who is responsible for targeting these groups? >> so, again, i'm going to take exception to the concept of targeting because it is a loaded term. >> can you assure this committee that none of the information provided the irs by these groups was shared or given to any other federal agency? >> i would be shocked, congressman, if that happened, shocked. >> now, you see there, thomas, the back and forth. something that miller did say consistently during this entire hearing was that he answered the questions that were asked of him. however, he did say in may of 2012 he knew that this inappropriate behavior was going on at the irs so there was a lot of questions as to why it took this inspector general's report in order to bring this to the forefront.
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there will be a lot of questions i suspect about that coming up in the next round of the hearing about how come more wasn't said. >> one thing miller was appointed as acting chief in november of 2012. the person prior to him being him was a bush appointee. explain if we will see shulman testifying next week and if lois lerner will be showing up on capitol hill, as well? >> lerner is an interesting name to bring up because democrats specifically mr. crowley were calling for her head today saying she is to blame for a lot of the problems that went forward. as for mr. shulman that remains to be seen. what will be interesting is there is now a real sort of concentration from members in both parties when you pull away the political a little bit here that this is systemic of an institutional crisis going on at the irs.
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i suspect from conversations with aides that once the initial hearing which is to some degree has a little political under tones we would expect of an issue this big and this important to the conservative base they are going to go to the idea of this is a very important nonpartisan organization operating without clear leadership. what does that mean with the development of so many types of legislation including the health care law which is dependent on the irs. that is when the names you brought up i think will really go edown in that respect. >> great to see you. thank you. president obama has picked the man who will lead the overhaul of the irs after departure of steve miller. t that man will be danny werfel who worked for republican and democratic legislations. the "new york times" is describing him as the administration's point man on managing the budget cuts under sequestration. he faces the daunting task of leading the irs out of one of
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the biggest scandals in its history. joining me is irs commissioner during the bush administration. as we talk about this new name, danny werfel starts next wednesday certainly as this pressure is going to be provided from all sides, a lot of scrutiny from day one. explain how big of a challenge it is going to be to overhaul such a large organization with so many eye balls looking at your work. >> danny worked for me when i was at omb. i know him well. he is a straight shooter. that is a very good thing. he has a real knowledge of government from the perks that he has had. that is a tremendous advantage when you are dealing with something as the irs particularly when health care is coming down the road. and finally i am sure he has the confidence of the treasury secretary because he was omb director before chief of staff. what you have really is those
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are three good points to start with with. his challenges are, though, the irs is a big complex place. it is in a crisis and frankly he doesn't know the members of congress from ways and means and finance the ones that are overseeing the operation but i'm sure he will get to know them quickly. >> i am sure from watching today and the republicans have tough questioning. the democrats have had tough questions for miller. i want to show everybody and get your reaction on the other side. take a look. >> who appointed mr. shulman? >> mr. bush. >> you were appointed by president bush. >> correct. >> were the responsible in treasury department appointed by president bush as well as continued service under president obama? >> at the irs the commissioner was appointed under the bush administration. >> so we are seeing where the former administration is coming back into play at least in these appointments. as we look at the politics of
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where there was increased scrutiny towards tea party groups it has been interesting to see miller testify that targeting and the use of the word targeting is a term. they have to define whether or not as these tea party groups were being more scrutinized whether it was done with content or disdain for their political organization. >> this whole thing is extremely disturbing to me. my experience at the service was that everybody from top to bottom played it right down the middle making sure they stayed clear of any politics. we actually did work in the '04-and '06 on c 3s. russell george said there was no bias. i think the cincinnati operation, what they did was inexcusable and a real management failuret that as these problems became known they
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weren't attended to quickly. they language for a long time. that is going to get a hearing. was there sufficient candor when different people at the service reported to congress. that is a real problem. >> you are referring to lerner who is the director of the irs tax exempt division who we don't have confirmation of whether or not she will be testifying. everybody would like to get answers from her. as we get back to danny werfel he has this nonpartisan background in the bush and obama administrations. some republicans say he is not the right choice. some are calling him a white house insider. how can any commissioner in the way that d.c. is right now, this hyperpartisan environment truly function without being pinged
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and dinged from the left and the right? >> i can tell you from experience you have to have a fairly thick skin if you are going to take on that job. you have to be able to say no to a baucus or a ryan or a camp or somebody who is asking you a question. say this is not the way it is going to work. in the enforcement arena the agency for good reasons does have to take independent actions. danny is going to have to find his way. it will be a baptizem of fire. >> it was great to have you on. your insights helpful to us. thank you for your time. >> thank you. the scandals are providing great fire for the opeds. the agenda now depends on persuading americans to trust him. it is already too late for that. note from the white house. try the truth. it is easier to memorize. joining me is former clinton
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administration adviser. he is co-author of the book "masters of disaster, the ten comman commandments of damage control." how does this compare to the clinton administration or is every perceived scandal not created equally? >> every perceived scandal is certainly not created equally. i know how washington, d.c. works. there was a great froth for many days this week with people trying to compare this to what had happened with previous administrations. this is not anywhere near on par or a comparable magnitude to the reagan administration, the clinton administration, the bush administration faced in their second terms. that being said this is also an issue that is coming about in a different time period where the media ecology, there is a scandal industrial complex out
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there. while these are much smaller and nowhere near the magnitude you are in an atmosphere where it is harder to deal with the issues. one thing that does bear stressing, there are other scandals more or less involve the direct conduct or the president or the direct actions of senior white house aides. that is not the case in any of these particular issues. >> as the investigations continue we are recognizing there is a large firewall around president obama and his administration from what has happened with benghazi to the irs to the ap. as we watch today the outgoing irs chief on capitol hill facing really tough questions from both sides. i want to play congressman charlie rangel on the record earlier. >> people are losing confidence in our government and i hope that you feel the same sense to find out what caused this, how it could happen and help us to restore the confidence that
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americans should have in their government. >> so while everybody wants to get on the record as being tough on this and coming down hard on whoever it is that is responsible, does it seem that the democrats have the president's back? what advice would you give to those insiders who are looking to turn this ship around, to prove that the irs can be trusted under the obama administration to work fairly and efficiently? >> at the end of the day crisis is ultimately a challenge of whether you, your organization, your entity is trust worthy. and the only way you can begin to rebuild trust or demonstrate that you are trust worthy is by engaging in credible actions. everything you do, say, every piece of information that you put out needs to be through the prism of is this going to enhance my credibility or undermine my credibility. as the irs moves forward under the new leadership it has the moment to pivot because it has a new leader who can draw a real line between the past and the
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future and then take every single action possible to be open and transparent. i know the administration has been beaten up this week and you have to distinguish between the various crisis. you have benghazi and the justice department and the irs. i think both on the justice department issue and the irs issue the administration and the president actually handled this the right way. they didn't go out and do more damage themselves. they took a couple of days, got their plan together and put out a credible response which now gives the ability to actually begin engage in the hand to hand combat where you can use good facts to kill bad facts. my suspicion is as the irs process moves forward you are going to find that it is most likely a situation where you had career folks in cincinnati who were not working in a political way but being competent in terms of how they were doing their jobs. to be able to put that information out in a way that irs needs to be credible, how it
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does it and the administration and the white house needs to be perfectly clear that they are not going to involve themselves in an irs investigation. >> former clinton adviser thanks for being on today. today's big question, who is having the worst week in washington? president obama, eric holder or ousted acting irs chief steve miller. chime in on my twitter or facebook pages. underway the house ways and means committee investigating how the irs screened conservative groups. congress woman diane black has left the committee room to join me next to talk about what is taking place inside. and then a conservative lobbying group has advice. before the three- and four-star ratings... before local farmers and employees
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i want to apologize on behalf of the international revenue service for the mistakes we made. i think foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their work load selection. the listing described in the report while intolerable was a mistake and not an act of partisanship. >> we have been watching the house ways and means committee investigating whether the irs targeted tea party groups unfairly. joining me is diane black of tennessee, a member of the house ways and means committee. congress woman, thanks for making time for us. we will get you back in there as quickly as possible. when it comes to the acting chief miller saying he doesn't think actions of the irs employees was motivated by partisan actions, what is your take? do you believe him so far?
8:19 am
>> of course, what this hearing is all about is to get the facts and the truths of what happened. i think there is a lot of contradiction in his statements. i know in his opening statement he said these were just mistakes. there was an apology by ms. lerner that there was obviously wrong doing or she is acknowledging that these were groups that were singled out in some way. and that is the question. he did answer at one point in time one of the questions about if it was abuse. he said yes it was abuse. i think there is a lot of contradiction in his statements and following the timeline. this is three years worth of activity. and i think that in three years if nothing else there is an aptness not to know this is a continuing practice that has occurred. >> is there a contradiction to say a bush appointee who was the former director of the irs, that there would be a contradiction that under his leadership that
8:20 am
tea party groups would be unfairly targeted? >> i don't care whether it is a republican appointee or a democrat appointee, this should be a nonpartisan organization. we are already concerned about what the irs can do when you are audited. or the irs makes a condition on something you feel very helpless and even knowing how to handle that. it is a very scary thing. whether it is a democrat or a republican. regardless of whatever, there is ineptness here. to be told that a few folks at a lower level position can do this kind of thing, it scares me. what else can the irs do? what if a few people here decide to do another thing? there is definitely from the top down not an oversight that makes me comfortable to tell the american people they can feel secure and comfortable that they are being treated fairly by the irs. >> do you feel one of the best witnesses would be the acting
8:21 am
director of the irs tax exempt division? has she committed to testify before you? >> i don't know that for sure but i can say that we certainly would be led in that direction to have her come before our committee. she was the head of this department so she should know. the commissioner continues to say to us i don't know whether i talked that person. he doesn't seem to have a good handle on exactly what was going on. obviously ms. lerner who is the head oft that department i think she needs to be brought before our committee and answer those questions. >> i want to talk to you about the heritage foundation using the lobbying arm heritage for american action foundation sent a letter to republicans on the hill asking them not to debate controversial legislation while the controversies are being investigated. do you think house republicans are going to follow that advice? >> i can only speak for myself.
8:22 am
i'm not led by any particular organization. i represent 750,000 people in the sixth district of tennessee. and that's what i'm led by. we are going to do the right thing. we are going to get to the boughtp of this a bottom of this and we are going to get answers so we can assure the american people that we can gain trust. >> certainly is about trust to make sure they are operating fairly and efficiently. many thanks for stepping out to talk to me. i appreciate it. we are keeping an eye on the events on capitol hill underway right now. the house ways and means committee investigating how the irs screened conservative groups. we are back after this. we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need
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joining us as well as the washington editor of mother jones. and amy davidson is a senior editor for the new yorker. thanks for being here. it is a wild morning as we have been watching on the hill with steve miller up there. i want to start off with where i left off with congress woman diane black talking about the tertage action for america and the letter it sent out to house gop leaders saying we urge you to avoid bringing up any legislation to the house floor, legislation such as the internet sales tax or the farrm act which contains $800 billion in food stamp spending -- >> the heritage foundation certainly known for its policy and trying to lead as a think tank, does it make a big difference that they are getting more involved with policy
8:32 am
infiltration in sending this type of letter to the house gop. >> i think this shows the heritage foundation for decades it has been a foundation in washington that says it is dedicated to ideas and policy, not to politics. conservative ideas and policy and not partisan politics. we see with the immigration study they put out last week which was racist and wrong and now saying don't do anything, just play politics, it shows the heritage foundation is really going off the skids and is becoming really just another annex of the tea party. i think that is kind of unfortunate for the state of discourse in washington. >> with what you flagged us on is talking about the national review has a piece up saying scandal is not an agenda. does this diminish the brand of heritage in asking gop leaders
8:33 am
and gop electeds to focus on that and not get to the work of the people? immigration reform. >> it shows how partisan the premiere conservative think tank has become. you have the national review saying don't do what the heritage foundation is saying because republicans try to run on basically president clinton's scandals and running on impeaching him. that didn't work. president clinton continued to stay in office. republicans didn't get the gains they wanted to see. simply hammering president obama and democrats on scandals and saying let's impeach president obama. let's tie hillary clinton to this. national review is saying you guys need to have an actual policy agenda. >> let's talk more about that and the fact that as we are looking at what is going on in washington, d.c. started off hot
8:34 am
with benghazi. we are ending the week hot on the irs. the president is not apologizing when it comes to the department of justice investigation. i want to play just a small part of what the president had to say. take a look. >> u.s. national security is dependent on those folks being able to operate with confidence that folks back home have their backs. so they are not just left out there high and dry. and potentially put in even more danger than they may already be. and so i make no apologies and i don't think the american people would expect me as commander in chief not to be concerned about information that might compromise their missions or might get them killed. >> making no apologies when it comes to security in special record to the a.p. investigation and how they were trying to sure up leaks within the administration. is it your thought that the
8:35 am
seriousness or the aggression is what we need to look at. >> i think it is interesting with benghazi and the irs the administration can say that it's separate from the white house. obama's come out and has been so angry at the irs. the benghazi thing seems to be isolated, not going directly to him. on the a.p., he is all for it. he is not apologizing. it is the one that is most in keeping with his character where you can argue that going after leakers, prosecutor leakers aggressively is something that he has made clear to everybody in his administration that he thinks ought to be done. the administration has twice as many of the leak prosecutions as previous ones and it's the one where you see people doing what he wants them to do. >> david, you said that you feel that the a.p. situation isn't really going to resonate with
8:36 am
americans. certainly it is going to resonate with the american press internationally, as well. but why do you think that the press is always accused of loving president obama. >> i think the white house will tell you they don't feel much love from the press since he has been elected. the issue about the a.p. investigation is that we in the media feel this is a direct threat as to how we do our jobs. the president says this is vital to national security. my guess is most people looking at this from the outside politicly see it as a tug of war and of conflicting both legitimate interests. this could get nastier because there have been some leak investigations not about the ap but about other things that have come out in the "new york times" and other places that have led back to the white house. when you have people in the white house who have been thought of especially by republicans on the hill of leaking national security information for their own political gain.
8:37 am
if we have the situation where leak investigations start targeting the white house itself then this could become a whole other kettle of fish and become much more of notice to the public wide and large. >> raise your hand if you know something because i don't. i haven't heard anything about what this has revealed, did it shore up a leak? what did it reveal? >> it was interesting because the ap had actually, this is a story that they had held for days at the administration's request to be very conscious oof national security. so the idea that it was the worse thing that anybody had ever done doesn't quite sound right right now. the other ways this can resonate, i think the public is sensitive to the idea of the government looking at phone records and looking at some of the reporter's home records. the other way that it might even though the republicans in congress haven't been exactly
8:38 am
aggressive about press freedom, the administration, particular administration official who they are most going after on this is eric holder who they have had a long history with with and there are a lot of reasons why they want something that makes him look bad to be something at the top of the agenda. >> eric holder has had a target on his back for a long time now from certain people. i want to shift quickly as we brought up the fact that benghazi started off the week. certainly the reveal of the e-mails, 100 pages of e-mails shows the interagency dynamic going back between cia and state and not so much a white house problem. >> i think the e-mails under cut the narrative that the white house was trying to massage the talking points. what we don't know is what the cia was up to in the sense that they drafted the talking points and brought up the talking points that they put out warnings about extremists.
8:39 am
the state department review board found that there were tremendous gaps in the intelligence. is the cia trying to cover it. we also now know that one of the two facilities attacked was a cia annex and what role did that have in the attacks and what the security situation was in this compound are questions that have not been asked publicly by republicans on the hill and we don't have answers to those. >> is this certainly something more stemming from interagency issues going back and forth about what could be talked about? we know that petraeus got on the record saying what are we talking about? >> what this document dump showed is that the cia was much more involved than we believed. the senior administration officials stressed that the talking points were changed even quite a bit within the cia before they got to the other agencies and before they got to the white house even. i think david raises a lot of
8:40 am
good points in the cia's role. republicans were quick to rush and defend the cia in order to hurt the state department. so now the cia's role should get more scrutiny. >> it has been a wild week in washington. i want to say thanks to all three of you. i am going to make you stick around. we have a lot more coming up keeping eyes on the events on capitol hill right now. the house ways and means committee investigating how the irs screened groups. the agenda panel is back to weigh in on that coming up. stick around. 20? new purina one beyond has 9. the simplified purina one beyond. learn more about these wholesome ingredients at all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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8:44 am
commissioner what happens in the irs whether i was personally involved or not stops at my desk. and so i should be held accountable for what happens whether i was personally involved or not is a very different question. >> we continue to monitor the developing news out of capitol hill. lawmakers with the house ways and means committee are now two hours into the grilling of the outgoing head of the irs, steve miller. we have senior political reporter for the huffington post. and then amy davidson who is senior editor for the new yorker. let's just pivot off of that exchange that we saw there. and how steve miller is trying to explain his time overseeing the irs as the acting chief. he was only appointed in november of 2012. so a really quick turn around to have him ousted by may.
8:45 am
>> i like when he said the buck stops here. i'm the guy in charge even though it is unclear that he had anything to do with this. in some ways the system kind of worked. mistakes were made. what happened should not have happened. the guys in the cincinnati field office were i think were politicly profiling. i don't think they were acting out of political malice. they were having a flood of applications and finding problems with the applications and they are painting with a broad brush stroke. some of the groups complained to members of congress who sent letters to the irs. the irs didn't fess up but did appoint an ig. now we have it up publicly and there will be remedies to this. we don't see real cover up. we don't see any evidence of outside political interference in this. as far as scandals go this is
8:46 am
kind of self-contained and seems to be in the process of being fixed pretty quickly. >> we talk about being self contained. we see miller expressing an apology. we have lois lerner being the director of the irs tax exempt division issuing an apology while she was appearing before that crowd. we have yet to get a conversation as to whether or not she will appear. when we look at what happened in cincinnati how this bubbled up, is the big distinction of whether this targeting being such a term that the operation in cincinnati was doing this with some type of malice or content? or were they doing it as david is pointing out to stream line their process for vetting to figure out what these groups were really about and if they deserved the tax exempt status? >> what came out of the hearing
8:47 am
is that the irs did not coordinate with the white house or obama campaign or political entity. there wasn't a larger conspiracy here. what this shows is that the irs was not equipped to deal with the influx of applications to become political nonprofits after citizens united opened the flood gates to allow this. the applications to become 501(c)(4) as these groups are called increase two times the amount between 2009 and 2012. they just weren't equipped to deal with it. the irs needs reform but there is not a larger conspiracy here. >> that is the one thing we are learning as we listen to the testimony going on. according to steve miller there is 3,400 applications that have come in to receivet that status in the time period that they are looking at. it was representative with the pressing questions of who
8:48 am
outside of the irs knew about this and when. >> did you ever communicate or speak with anybody in the treasury department not within the irs about the sharing of confidential information, taxpayerer information? >> i don't believe so. i don't know whether you are talking about the subject which would be fine to talk to them about? >> that is what i'm trying to find out what you knew and who you spoke with. >> is miller looking evasive there or is he not understanding the question of whether or not there were people outside of the irs knowing about the internal issues going on there, specifically someone at treasury? >> i think there is an oversight issue that has come up in the hearings. listening to that also the whole morning has basically been people beating up on somebody who has already been fired. i think it shows the emotional staying power of the irs story but also its limits. yes the irs has a lot of power
8:49 am
in people's lives and politics. it has to be very careful about it and it seems that it was not here. but it is also perhaps limited. i think that the irs basically was left with trying to navigate two discussions that haven't really been carried out in american politics. one is where do these 501(c)(4)s and similar groups stop being social welfare groups and start being political groups. what is the tea party? is it a social group or a new republican party? i'm not sure that most republicans have figured it out. what i think people agree on is those aren't decisions that an irs office in cincinnati should be making on its own. >> i have to do a round robin here. amanda, worse week in washington the president, eric holder or steve miller? >> i guess everything stops with president obama.
8:50 am
so it was a bad week for him but he still has his job. >> david? >> i say steve miller. he lost his job. i think people will forget his name which will be a good thing for him. >> word? >> eric holder, he's going to be back for a lot more hearings. and -- it's sort of just -- still ramping up for him. >> man oh man, i love this, all three of you pick one of your own. remember to hit up our facebook and twitter pages to answer the big question, who had the worst week in washington. you heard what our panelists had to say, president obama, eric holder on the ousted irs chief, steve miller. we're back with more after this. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
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we asked and you answered our question of the day being who had the worst week in washington, president obama, eric holder or ousted acting irs chief, steve miller. one response, of those listed, definitely miller. he got canned for stuff that happened before he got the job. and another response, everyone in white house and steve miller. we encourage you to keep the conversation coming in the comments on our twitter and facebook pages we appreciate it. so semper dry, the marine who held the umbrella over the president's head. has his own social media following. there's a spoof twitter handle, umbrella marine. among the tweets, when i was asked potus if he want mood he to hold the umbrella for him, he he simply nodded at me and said "drizzle." and anthony weiner was spotted shooting a campaign-style video on the front stoop of his home
8:55 am
in brooklyn. weiner has not responded to a request for comment on that. and the irs is scrapped its planned softball game for the team with senator john cornyn's office. the agency whose team is called the cheetahs canceled the game. no comment from the irs and so far, the game has not been rescheduled. get that, the irs, the cheetahs? that's going to wrap things up for me. i'll see you back on monday at 11:00 a.m. "now" with alex wagner is coming up. alex, your best day, friday. >> it is. >> tgif to you. >> what a lead-in with all of those funs what a pun-tastic from semper-dry. while president obama deals with the trifecta of so-called scandals, republicans get back to the serious business of -- trying to repeal law of the land. we'll discuss the obama care sideshow, scandal mania and
8:56 am
jeopocracy. plus. "the new york times" instructs us in the dark arts of the 501 c 4 and we'll tackle the complicated and dangerous relationship between globalization and factory safety. coming up next. ded your smart p. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. and with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? before mike could see his banking and investing accounts on one page... before he could easily transfer funds
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neosporin. use with band-aid brand bandages. 501(c)3 . three sensational controversies, a 37 attempted repeals of the national health care law and $200 billion in deficit savings. it's friday, may 17th and this is "now." what a week for congressional republicans. as the administration puts out fires at the irs and the department of justice, republicans continue to pour
9:00 am
lighter flute on the scandalous week by bringing in their all-time favorite bogey man -- obama care. last night not 37th time, the house voted to repeal obama care. an exercise in futility that, as one wonk explains, gop leadership feels is something every house member should get to do at least once. it was a rite of passage. obama care has long been the pinata that republicans continue to blindly whack away at. but this week's tie-in to the irs, it would seem as if the pinata had exploded and rained down republican candy. >> many people have said that obama care is here to stay. we are here as the people's representatives, as real people from, across the united states to say -- this issue is now revived. it is back on the table. >> standing aside a towering stack of dreaded obama care regulation, house speaker john boehner pummeled the president.

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